Introduction to myLawCoach

Now that you've used a site such as Avvo to help search for and select an attorney, what happens next? You may be working together with that attorney on your case for the next few years. You may be paying them a lot of money. Where do you go to find information and answers about the day-to-day business aspects of your ongoing attorney-client relationship, from beginning to end? Right here.

This is the first-ever "relationship management" site designed for individual, consumer, self-employed, and small-business clients who hire attorneys, but may not know how to deal with them, what to say to them, or how to say it. That's why we decided to call our site myLawCoach.

We cover every business aspect of the attorney-client relationship. You will become privy to all sorts of "insider" information about what attorneys really do after you hire them, and why they do it, including legal pricing information for many different attorney tasks in a typical civil lawsuit. Each of those tasks can cost thousands of dollars apiece in legal fees.

What we don't talk about is the merits or law behind your particular case, for example, whether you will win or lose your case in court. That subject is reserved for your attorney. Instead, we talk about the dollars-and-cents aspects of the attorney-client relationship. To our knowledge, no one has ever done that before online, until now.

This site is divided into numerous categories of tutorials (listed on our home page). Each category covers a particular aspect of the attorney-client business relationship. Each tutorial is written in plain English, not "legalese." You can browse each category for periodic postings. Our tutorials assume that most individual, consumer, self-employed, and small-business clients hire attorneys who work in small law firms or are sole-practitioner attorneys.

We deliberately chose not to offer tutorials in paragraph format so typical of every other online site. Instead, we create "mock dialogue" between a fictional attorney and a fictional client to illustrate our points, as if you were overhearing a conversation between them in a law office. This mock dialogue will give you a clearer picture of not only what you should be saying to your attorney at given points in time in the attorney-client relationship, but also how you should be saying it.

About Ken Moscaret, Esq.

Ken Moscaret, Esq. is a leading consultant and expert witness on attorney's fees, billing practices, and litigation management. His company, Moscaret Consulting, Inc., has offices in Los Angeles and Seattle, and is frequently hired by big corporate and institutional clients and Top 250 U.S. law firms. Mr. Moscaret trains retired-judge arbitrators who handle attorney fee disputes, and publishes articles on attorney's fees in the media. He has been specializing in this field since 1990.

Mr. Moscaret was a testifying attorney fee expert in 2008 in the huge Enron securities class action litigation in federal court in Houston. There were $700 million in attorney's fees at issue in the Enron case. Mr. Moscaret submitted expert testimony alongside nationally well-known law professors and retired U.S. Court of Appeals judges, who were co-experts with him.

Our firm also offers a litigation management consulting program for midsize U.S. companies and companies based in Canada, Europe, and Asia who are doing business in the U.S., but also litigating expensive lawsuits in U.S. courts, and who want to avoid fee disputes with their U.S. law firms. Learn more here.

Legal Disclaimers

This site does not contain legal advice. We cannot and do not offer legal advice. For that, consult an attorney. This site is for general, informational purposes only. We do not guarantee outcomes or results in dealing with your attorney. The scenarios in this site are fictional, and are not based on actual persons or events.

The information on this site is intended to apply only to simple, non-complex consumer lawsuits. It is not intended to apply to large or complex litigation.